And it begins…

Today is the first real step I’ve made to be able to become a developer using unity. This is the beginning of my journey. I am well off my end goal of becoming a full-time game and application developer and will be working my full-time job (as a public servant — don’t hate me) for a little while yet to come, but setting my goals to make myself accountable is my first and biggest hurdle.

I’ve been around unity for a little while now but never committed to programming long enough to earn great results. I have always felt game and application development was a pipe dream of mine but with the industry only getting bigger the opportunities have never been so plentiful.

My plan is to not only showcase my skills by providing as many post as my keyboard will allow but to learn, develop and BECOME a great developer that you would want to collaborate with.

Starting with the great resources provided by GameDevHQ I believe I can not only achieve my goals but surpass them.

Welcome to my developer journey.



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