Can you hear me? — A quick guide to adding sound to a game in Unity

A game is not as good without sound. If I asked you to remember the background music of Mario I think you would immediately have that sound play in your head. The sound makes a game memorable.

In this article, we are going to add an audio manager, audio mixer, and add in some background music.

The first thing is to add a new empty game object called “Audio Manager” with another game object as a child called.“MusicAudioSource”. Add an audio source to this object.

Now what we need to do is open the audio mixer menu and add a new audio mixer called “Main”. An audio mixer allows us to group our audio into different groups and assign different volume levels to each. Background music for example can be quiet while a gunshot should be loud.

Under groups, we are going to add a new group and call it background music and we can knock the volume down to -10 for now.

We can now set the output in our Music_AudioSource to our main audio mixer and add a background audio clip to our audio clip reference.

That all there is to add some music to your game in Unity.

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