Get moving — animating game objects in Unity Timeline

In this quick article, I will show you how to animate an object in Unity Timeline.

Following on from my previous article I will animate our Cinemachine virtual camera that is attached to our dolly track. This animation will a quick and simple walkthrough.

I am going for the following cut scene so I’m only going to need to animate the cameras, all points will remain valid, however.

In order to animate the camera across the dolly track, we adjust the “Path Position variable in our Cinemachine virtual cameras body values. the first step is to add the camera to our timeline and select “Add animation track” this will automatically add an animator to our camera.

The next step is to record our animation. The animation works the same as it does in the animator, all based on keyframes. This means we can just adjust our camera path from the starting node when the animation starts, to the end node at the end of our shot.

I am wanting to have the camera look at our player so I add them into the “Look At” property.

Now our dolly track animation feels like it goes on a bit too long, not to worry because we can edit our animation. Click the menu button on the animation track and select “Edit In Animation Window”. This will open the animation window up where you can adjust the keyframes.

After adjusting the settings, here is my final result.

That's all for now.




Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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Luke Duckett

Luke Duckett

Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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