A quick guide to animating a sprite in Unity

This article is going to show you how to animate a sprite. We will not be creating the images/frames for your animation, so moving on, we are assuming you have this already organized and just need to link them all together to animate them.

How to create an animator and animation

Open your Animation window and while you have the object you want to animate selected click the create button. This will prompt you to name and save your animation. We are going to name ours “Tripleshot_anim”

Unity has now automatically created and added an animator controller to our object.

Next, we want to click record and slide all of our frames into the animation window. We can adjust the frame rate if the animation plays too quickly and then stop recording to save.

Our sprite is now animated.

That's all for now.




Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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Luke Duckett

Luke Duckett

Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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