Quick tip — Enabling post-processing in Unity Universal Render Pipeline

In this short article, I will show you how to enable post-processing in Unity while using the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Enabling post-processing in Unity URP has become very simple, previously you were required to download the Post-Processing package from the package manager and set it up from there, if you check out my previous article on post-processing (in LWRP) you can see how it is done. As of Unity 2019.3 the post-processing stack has been built in and just need to be set up and enabled.

In your hierarchy tab click the “+” button and go to “Volume” > “Globa Volume”. This will create your volume object.

Next, create a new Volume profile by clicking the “New” button on your Global Volume game object.

Now on your Main camera go to “Rendering” and check the “Post Processing” box. This will allow your camera to render all your volume profile changes (for example Bloom). A good practice is to turn on” Anti-Aliasing” as well.

That’s all for now.




Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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Luke Duckett

Luke Duckett

Unity developer with a love of learning all things programming.

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